The concept of the kitchen work triangle

If you are planning to improve your kitchen, you can start by thinking of kitchen remodel ideas for you to be able to design your own kitchen. You can search your kitchen plans over the internet for additional kitchen decorating ideas, and you can see how it the result would look like by searching for pictures of kitchens after the application of kitchen remodeling ideas.

 modern kitchen designThe three main components of a classic kitchen design are the stove/cook top, the refrigerator, and the sink. When joined together by imaginary lines, the enclosed space forms a triangle, and this is referred to as the kitchen work triangle. There is an idea that if these three components are in a good distances from each other, as in a perfect triangle, the kitchen will be an ideal place for a cook.

Parts of the classic kitchen triangle 

For the stove/cooktop, all materials and equipment needed for the production of food should be placed here, and the access to other containers must be easy for the cook to have efficient time in cooking. Stove, oven, and utensils belong here.

Meanwhile for the sink, used utensils and other equipment is placed here, and the glasses, plates, spoons and forks should be placed nearby. Trash bag should be available to serve as the dumping site of garbage, or one can also opt for roll off bin rental. They are environment-friendly and keeps the kitchen clean without a hassle.

On the other hand, the refrigerator serve acontemporary cabinetss the storage place for goods and other materials to be used for cooking. It should be adjacent to the sink in order for the cook to gain access easily.

Classic kitchen cabinets could help you if you are in need of more storage for things.

Take note that classic kitchens follow this kind of method to maximize the kitchen area. Also, this method is used for the cook to be able to move comfortably inside the kitchen. These classic kitchen designs are still applicable until now, even though some part has been change to adapt for the modern kitchen cabinets.

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