List of Kitchen Cabinet Makers

Kitchen cabinets is an essential aspect in researching information regarding kitchen designs and renovation. Kitchen cabinets would actually compromise 30%-40% of the total remodeling budget. When you choose custom cabinets, you would notice that the percentage of the total amount of budget would actually increase.

It’s really essential that you do your assignment by researching information about the top kitchen cabinet manufacturers in the industry today.

Below is the list of kitchen cabinet companies in random order. You can freely check these companies to help you in planning your design and renovating your whole kitchen.

  1. All Wood Cabinetry

This cabinet manufacturer is based on Florida. They make plywood-core cabinets both for kitchen and bathroom. All Wood Cabinetry implies the company’s name itself, so as the company’s product. Most cabinets that they manufacture are classics or those with traditional styles.

  1. Aran

Another top branch cabinet makers famous for making high-quality Italian kitchen cabinets. This company is actually the well-known US branch Aran World.

  1. Artistic Cabinetry

cabinet manufacturerA cabinet manufacturer company that specializes on country, contemporary and traditional kitchen cabinets. They have been in the cabinetry industry since 1975. The company is run by Alex Pfitzer and is located in Smithtown, New York.

  1. Canyon Creek Cabinet Company

The company is known for providing affordable and durable custom made cabinets. This kitchen cabinet manufacturers can provide you with custom framed and frameless style cabinetry for your kitchen or any part of your home such as your bathroom. You can even try to find if they have the bathroom cabinets that would fancy your style.

  1. IKEA

This is not actually a cabinet manufacturers company. They are known to be a large distributor company for kitchen cabinetry. The source of Ikea cabinets is unknown but still many are confident with their products. They distribute high quality cabinets at affordable rates.

  1. Innermost Cabinets

This cabinet manufacturing company specializes in making cabinets with large spaces. You can now store more kitchen utensils and items when you choose the cabinets that the company manufactures. The company uses a unique process in crafting their cabinets. They trim down extra cubic inches by using frameless cabinet construction technique to put more space in the cabinets that they craft.

  1. Kraftmaid

One of the most well-known and prestigious company in cabinet making industry today. Don’t hesitate to visit your nearest home Depot or Lowe’s to check out some Kraftmaid cabinets available on their list of products. And, if you are looking for semi-custom kitchen cabinets, you can find them in kitchen design companies.

  1. Masco

This company is not a kitchen cabinet manufacturer. Masco is a part of most home improvement-related companies such as Quality Cabinets, Kraftmaid, and Merillat. Some of the non-cabinet related companies that Masco owns include Cambrian, Arrow, Duraflex, Behr, and Milgard.

  1. Merillatcabinet maker

Your favorite Merillat cabinets are actually manufactured by a company based in Michigan. This company is included in the top list of cabinet makers in the industry today. They are available through easy-to-access channels which includes local kitchen renovation or design company.  Actually, Merillat is owned by Masco just like Mill’s Pride and Kraftmaid. This company has some of the most impressive ideas in kitchen designs.

10. Porcelanosa

This Spain-based company specializes in smooth, sleek European style cabinetry. Although, they also manufacture traditional cabinetry. In addition, they also handle making tile and bathroom products such as your bathroom vanity cabinets.

11.Quality Cabinets

Founded in 1969, this kitchen cabinet makers company is a subsidiary company of Masco Corporation. This company has molded itself as a strong company that provides high end cabinets for their customers. The company specializes in making traditional-style cabinets mostly are wood cabinets.

12. Shenandoah Cabinetry

Shenandoah cabinets are manufactured in traditional style cabinetry. Never hesitate to visit and check out the list of products that the company offers.

13. Smallbone

Another top pick company which is based in a United Kingdom.  The company specializes in crafting high quality “bespoke” cabinets.

14. Snaidero USA

This company is named after its founder and CEO Dario Snaidero. This kitchen cabinet company manufactures high-end, Euro-styled cabinetry.

15. StyleCraft Cabinetry

Lastly, we have StyleCraft Cabinetry. This kitchen cabinet manufacturers company crafts high quality and budget friendly kitchen cabinets which are distributed on the Atlantic Seaboard.

So what are you waiting for? Feel free to visit these well-known company or their website to find out more about the products and the discount cabinets that they offer.

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