Fitted Bathroom Furniture: What are the different types?

Before looking over the numerous types of fitted bathroom furniture, from vanities, wardrobes and cabinets, we must first identify what fitted furniture design is and what it’s for. Such design allows easy mounting of furniture into the wall. This provides security and permanent placement of the furniture piece. Most people use this type of fixture because of its permanence, design and wide variety of choices available in the market. Because the installation is intricate, experts recommend that a professional contractor must be hired to perform the installation unless the homeowner has the appropriate experience and the necessary tools to accomplish the project.

The first and perhaps the most common type of fitted bathroom furniture is the vanity. Built-in options are readily available in quite a number of materials including wood and cash metal. According to plumbers from Slam Plumbing, apart from the stability that fitted furniture offer, a fitted vanity also affords protection for the plumbing. A bath vanity is also available in a lot of colours that will fit in any chosen décor. It’s available in many sizes and designs as well. You can opt to have a double vanity or even customized powder room vanities. You can choose an ornate Victorian design or opt for a modern vanity.

Next type of fitted bathroom furniture is the wardrobe or a standing closet. Commonly installed in bathrooms with little or no closet space, a wardrobe is usually mounted onto the wall to make sure that it stays fixed thus reducing the possibility of accidental injury or damage in property. Like the bath vanities, the wardrobe also comes in different styles.

The last type of fitted bathroom includes the wall-mounted medicine cabinets and wall cabinets. If a mirror is attached to the front side of the cabinet, then it can double as a vanity mirror. A fitted cabinet is not only common in bathroom furniture. Kitchen cabinets and cupboards are also mounted on walls for easy access as well as increased storage space. Sink cabinets can also be mounted to the walls and fitted between different furniture pieces. Fitted cabinets and cupboards are usually created with wood but can also be made from stainless steel and other metals. Like the previous types, fitted cabinets are used because it provides stability. Also, there are quite a number of design options to choose from.

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