Creating Your Very Own Kitchen Cabinets

What if you build your own cabinets? Have you ever thought about it? Have you ever thought if you can? It will surely be rewarding if you make one yourself. To add more, you can save enough compared of buying one. Success in making your own kitchen cabinet is actually at the tip of your hands. With the right tools and great info on hardware, it would surely be easy for you to make own one.

This article would surely help you out decide on the right project for you. Whether a large scale cabinet or a small one, you need to know if the cabinet fits with your very own dream kitchen. This article would tackle everything that you need to know to start off in building cabinets. It would also provide you with some kitchen cabinet ideas and saving tips along the way to lower down your cost. Always remember that Rockler would always be there to help you out. They offer a wide variety of cabinet tools, supplies and hardware that would make your work smooth and

Building Cabinets: Is This Right for You?

building cabinetsCabinet making is not an easy job. Even experienced cabinet makers state that making your own cabinet is a big job. If you want to make your work accurate and trouble free, visit your nearest Rockler outlet first to find the right tools and equipment for your project to build your own cabinets.

If this would be your first time in cabinetmaking, keep in mind that this is a very challenging task. Be sure that you have set your mind into the task if you’re up for the challenge. It is also very important that you have the right knowledge and guidance before you undertake the project. You can freely read Rockler’s article “Options for Updating Your Kitchen” to help you out find ways in making your work less overwhelming.

build your own cabinetGenerally, an intermediate woodworking skill is needed to build your own cabinet. Basically, you need a handful collection of woodworking tools, your resourcefulness to add a few specialized item, and a fair amount of time to start working with your project. A large space working area is also a must. Remember that you need to work with 4X8 foot sheet material and this would surely demand space on your house, especially when you need to move them from one area to another.

Building cabinets is actually not that complicated. It’s actually like building a simple storage box (again and again, in the case of a kitchen remodel), but only bigger than the normal ones. But if you want to make your cabinet more attractive in a short period of time, then you will be needing more help than this article can offer. We highly suggest that you take one of the detailed kitchen cabinetmaking books in our collection, if you’re a novice wood maker.

If still you’re unsure of what you’re on the right track on the process of building cabinets, consider making a small-sized cabinet first, before making a large one for your kitchen.

With regard to the cabinet doors and drawers, you will then need to take time to mill the parts in order to match everything. This can be very demanding and time consuming. Well, this is the reason why even most professional cabinetmakers would just prefer skipping the troublesome process and just buy them. Rockler’s Custom Door and Drawer Front Program, will help you save a lot of your time and effort. It would also ensure you a great-looking finished product. It consist of a broad range of styles and customs which are made of hardwood or white RTF coat. Exact sizes are always available because these drawers and doors are custom made. To accurately build your own cabinets, it is a must to choose the appropriate doors and drawers for your cabinets.

Tips To Save Time In Building Cabinets

Doors and Drawer Front Options

build your own cabinetMaking the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers is one of the hardest part in the process. But, you can actually have someone make them for you if you’re in a rush. There is no need to worry because Rockler’s program includes customized doors and drawers built to your needed specifications and delivered right at your door. Indeed, building cabinets has never been easy like this.

You might think that having someone do your work is very expensive. Fortunately with Rockler’s program, it is an assurance that the cost would be much cheaper. It is also a guarantee that your custom cabinet doors and drawer fronts will be built with the right size and dimensions. Compared to making your own doors and drawers, you can save half of the time that it would take you to complete the set. Adding up the material cost and the total time it would take you to finish the job, you’ll see that you can save a lot if you have Rockler do the stuff for you. It would surely be the best deal that you can get for your cabinets.

However, if you decided to make the doors and drawer fronts by yourself then be sure that you’re prepared for the challenge. Go ahead and equip yourself with the right tools and knowledge for the procedure. Just remember to read “Raised Panel Door Tools and Techniques” if raised panel doors are part of your plan. This Rockler article, gives you an in-depth look at frame and panel construction. Several advice on tools and techniques are also available to make the process straightforward and enjoyable.

Cabinet Drawers

Another challenging process when you build your own cabinets would be the part where you make the drawer boxes for the cabinets. This part of the cabinet should be square and flat in order to have proper mobility. To help you out in making the part, Rockler offers accurately milled, flat precut drawer sides in a couple of varieties.

Rockler stocks a variety of options for every drawer slide. You can freely choose from reliable ball-bearing slides, affordable roller-bearing slides, hidden under mount slides, or even classic wooden slides. Tell Rockler what you need and they will be surely glad to help you out with what you need to make it easy for you to build your own cabinets.

building cabinetTake note that that a certain slide will greatly influence the style and dimensions of the drawer boxes that you plan on making. So, it would be best if you carefully plan and choose the drawer slides that would perfectly fit with your cabinets.

Rockler offers Unfinished Drawer Sides. These sides are made of Baltic birch plywood material. This type of material is pre-grooved with a 1/4″ drawer bottom and is very durable and stable for drawer box construction. Rockler has made these parts available in a wide range of widths and they are shipped in convenient four foot lengths.

If ever you want to save more time, you can also order Pre-Finished Drawer Sides. The product is manufactured with a UV cured clear coat finish on all sides with a veneered top edge to give it a more pleasing look. You can check out some reliable methods on “Drawer Box Joinery Tips”, when you need to join the drawer boxes that you made.

Drawer Slides

You need to fully consider your slides before ordering or making your cabinet drawers. Your slides will greatly influence the mobility of your drawers. You can read Rockler’s “Ball Bearing Drawer Slide FAQ” to help you choose the best ball bearing that would make enhance the mobility of your drawers and at the same time ensure its long lasting service.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware and Hinges

Having a complete control of hinges and other hardware selections gives you a high advantage in planning on a specific kitchen cabinet design and making your own cabinets. It is essential enough that the builder understands that not every cabinet hardware fits on all types of cabinetry. Some hinges and hardware are designed for a specific cabinetry. Building cabinets is not as complex as it seems. You just need to understand the basic concept of when and where to use hinges and hardware.

The “European hinges” are very popular among woodworkers. These hinges can be easily installed on a particular cabinet. To add more, it’s also very handy in the sense that it can be adjusted in either two or three directions.

Another hinge which is very easy to install would be the “Rockler Jig-It European Hinge Jig”. This hinge has a unique drill guide and template system that makes the drilling accurate and fast.

The type and variety of hinges and hardware that will be using depends on the type of cabinetmaking project that you work will be working at. We suggest that you read Rockler’s article, “Understanding Hinges” before you decide on a specific cabinet design and build your cabinets. It will help you simplify the selection and installation process of the hinges needed to build your own cabinets.

The Final Touches

When you come to the end point of the building process, you might feel that final touches are needed. An appropriate wood finishing method will greatly help you give your cabinets an additional protection to help it live in optimum performance throughout the years. We suggest that you read, “Finishing Comparison Guide” to help you select the best finish for your cabinets. This will also accentuate the beauty of your new cabinets, and provides resistance against the harmful elements of its environment.

Lastly, it is important that you put up your “style statement” when you build your own cabinets. What good is it if you won’t give it a pinch of your own style? It’s more satisfying if the final touch is of your own choice. At Rockler, you can choose among selections of knobs and pull to fit your taste. Not only that, these designs are budget friendly which will greatly help you lower down your cost. Read the Rockler’s article “Selecting Cabinet Knobs and Pulls” and find out time-saving tips on installing hardware along with the basics of knob and pull materials and finishes, projection, and styles.

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