Choosing the Right Style: Kitchen Cabinet Doors

With the different options available; from materials and designs down to the finish, choosing the perfect cabinet door is bound to be an agonizing task. That’s where we come in.

 First on our list is the style of your cabinet doors. According to door supplier Paul Charlier the style of the door needs to be sympathetic with the style of your kitchen. Fortunately, the style you endeavour for the doors of your kitchen cabinets is easily achievable with the different colours and finishes available.

As for material, Paul adds that the vacuum-formed doors provide the most durability because of the tough PVC foil that is laminated to the surface via a heating process. This allows easy cleaning of the face as well as the edges. This material is available in a variety of finishes also including matte, textured, high-gloss and even printed timber designs.

Another leading style in the market nowadays is the high-gloss look of polyurethane painted door styles. This style has a two-pak epoxy finish and allows you to choose different colours except for the timber-grain look and texture. A disadvantage, however, is that the edges tend to chip off over time.

If you have a kitchen that’s modelled after a French country style, then you may want to get the painted kitchen cabinets done by hand. You can choose most of the colour palettes as well as different degrees of ageing and patina but the edges of this style also tend to chip off after quite some time so refacing kitchen cabinets should be done cabinet doors

Aluminium-framed doors are also very common in modern kitchen cabinets. You may want to use glass, laminate or painted inserts just as trendy homes do.

 If you favour wood cabinets over the metal ones, you can always choose the solid timber and timber veneer doors designs for your kitchen. The timber veneer designs are only available in flat-panel designs as opposed to the other door styles wherein you can choose router designs.

Modern, contemporary and classic styles of kitchen cabinet doors tend to utilize the flat-panel designs with minimal routing. Kitchen pantry cabinets with a country and heritage feel generally have more intricate door designs as well as more routered faces.

You can search for manufacturers who sell their kitchen cabinets online. Be wary, though, as you have to be extra careful not to be duped by what you assumed to be discount cabinets. But to really know how you want your cabinet doors to look like, Paul Charlier recommends that you visit as many showrooms as possible. Most door manufacturers can point you in the direction of the best showrooms. Once there, don’t be afraid to ask the right questions. You can even opt to get a sample of their cabinet doors for your in-depth inspection and consideration. Ask for the different colours and swatches available for the doors you’ve chosen especially if you don’t want to spend much on refinishing kitchen cabinets.

Also, don’t forget to ask your manufacturer or retailer if it has the right accessories in its inventory. You may want to purchase DIY kitchen cabinets so you would want to know if the manufacturer has the end panels, bar panels and handles that you’ll need for your project. Last and perhaps the most important tip, check for the warranties that your manufacturers offer for each of their products.

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