Bathroom Cabinets: A Selection Guide

When giving your bathroom a revamp, bathroom cabinets is considered to be the necessary game changer. But with the countless factors to consider including price, styles and designs, the task can be quite intimidating.

Would you choose a double sink vanity or a single one? Would you rather use a porcelain vanity sink or a glass one? Those are just a few of the questions that you will have to answer when remodelling your bathroom.

According to Meriam Reed, co-owner of the Naples franchise of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, bath cabinets affect the look and feel of an entire room and therefore set the tone for the makeover.

First task: Research Bathroom Cabinets

bathroom cabinetryAs LeniaPilkonis, a Home Depot designer in Atlanta frequently advises to first understand how you usually use your space. By knowing that information, choosing the configuration, style and material becomes an easy task. If you feel relaxed with long soaks in the tub, then you might want to consider installing a shelf where you can later on put a TV, or maybe even fit a dehumidifier between the cabinets. Don’t worry! Bathroom vanities come in different sizes so even if your space is quite limited, you will still be able to find vanities for small bathrooms.

If you are not quite sure how to proceed, you can then consult differentdesign books and magazines. Books and magazines are both good sources of ideas not only for bathroom cabinet but also for a kitchen cabinet. List down what captured your interest and compare it with what you really want for your space. You can also visit showrooms of cabinet manufacturers. This will allow you to actually get a feel by being able to open cabinet doors and check the cabinet hinges.

Ms. Pilkonis adds that designing a bathroom is much more challenging than designing a kitchen since the space involved is smaller and you have to consider water and electrical issues. Because of this, you may want to consider enlisting the help of an interior designer and bath specialist to provide guidance.

Bath Vanities: Put your money where your heart is

Even if a bathroom cabinet isn’t quite as expensive as your kitchen pantry cabinet, you still have to be careful not spend for something that you do not need. You have to find a way to turn it into a sweet deal. For example, engaging the help of a designer might help you get special discount vanities from their connections with the different shops and dealers. Purchasing unfinished cabinets and installing them by yourself might help with your budget but it may prove to be a tedious task. Also, shopping online for what you need might be cheaper. It’s just that you don’t get to ascertain the quality of the goods before they’re delivered. Always remember that you get what you pay for. But whatever the method, always ask yourself before purchasing, “Do I really need this?”

Third task: Find a style that fits

There are style categories to choose from:the standalone vanity which consists of the sink and a countertop, all other bathroom vanity including over-the-toilet cabinet, linen storage, medicine cabinet and hampers, and the suites which primarily are cabinet sets designed to easily match the overall feel of your bathroom. Suites come in different designs including contemporary ones and also modern vanities.

While the design of your bathroom may be important, its ability to provide organization for your stuff is also a paramount concern. Fortunately, most cabinets nowadays are created with built-in drawer dividers, cosmetic trays, appliance handles and even a fitted shoe cabinet.bath cabinets

Question: What is the trend and do I need to follow it?

Built-in illumination is one of the chic trends in bathroom cabinetry. Another is for the cabinet to act not only as a piece of accessory but as a means of maximizing relaxation as well. That’s why cabinet makers have created pieces that exude a feeling of being in a spa. After a difficult day at work, checking your emails and crunching up for deadlines, it is always good to spend some good time in the comfort of your home. According to Bob Giese, a human factors specialist at Kohler, a home spa is about getting a break from the fast pace of our lives and that it allows you to close the door on the world and turn off the ringer.

Another new trend is by matching the cabinetry in the bathroom with the design of the entire house. For instance, the cabinets in the bath use the same colour palette as with cabinets in the kitchen and the built-in furniture in the living room. It creates consistency in the design of the entire house.

All these trends may give you the transformation you want and need for your space, but planning ahead is still what makes it work.

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