How are your cabinets doing? Perhaps you might have noticed that the harmful elements of the room have already affected the surface area of your cabinets. Have you thought about replacing the entire cabinet? Or would you go for reface cabinets? Yes, why do you have to spend a lot if the surface of your cabinets can just be replaced with a cheaper and more eco-friendly method?

Cabinet Refacing: Definition

When you say bathroom or kitchen cabinets refacing, we are talking about the process wherein you call a professional company to replace the drawer fronts and doors of your cabinets while veneering its cabinet boxes.

cabinet refacingThis is a budget friendly process and rest assured that you will be investing less than the amount you usually pay when you replace your kitchen with custom made cabinets.

Most people would ask if there really is a need for them to get the help of a company to do cabinet refacing. Perhaps, you might have also thought about making your own kitchen reface cabinets by yourself. If you have plans to do this, then you must remember that you will be facing a tough challenge. Although replacing your cabinet drawer fronts and doors is easy to some, you will know that veneering cabinet boxes is a difficult process. It takes skill to do it right and it’s not something that can be learned in just a day or two.

So what portions do you think are refaced on unfinished kitchen cabinets? Actually, the process involves both refacing and replacing some elements of your cabinets. Both cabinet doors and drawers front are fully removed and replaced on during the process. The cabinet boxes will then be veneered on the front area using a melamine-based product which is either RTF (Rigid Thermofoil) or a wood veneer. This is the process on how to reface cabinets.

Wood Veneer

Some people might hav e doubts about wood veneer. Know that a wood veneer is a real wood which can be any of the following:  ash, birch, hickory, maple, oak, walnut, and so on.

Wood veneers do not peel off if it’s properly installed. The veneer, as a material itself, is resistant enough to harmful elements of your room which is probably the reason for its peeling. Veneer has been the technique used hundreds of years ago but can be used with modern kitchen cabinets.

RTF (Rigid Thermofoil) Refacing

RTF stands are actually used in veneering cabinets which are exposed to heavy abuse from pets, children, etc. This veneering agent used in cabinet refacing is also easy to clean.

Cabinet Refacing: How to reface cabinets?

Most refacing process are done in about 2 to 4 days. But, it can also depend on the company you have called to do the process.

On the first day, the process would include removing the hardware, drawer fronts and the doors of cabinets refacingyour cabinets. This would also be the day where the company would start veneering your cabinet boxes. The veneering process would continue for around 2 to 3 days. On the third or fourth day, veneering would be most likely be completed and so as refinishing cabinets. This is the time wherein they re-install the hardware, make final adjustment, and clean up the refinish kitchen cabinets ready for pick up.

Take note that you can discuss with the company if you want to keep your old doors and front drawers. Some companies would throw them away, so it’s better if you talk with them before they even begin the process.

Cabinet Refacing: For old cabinets

You need not to worry because the process can still help out your old cabinets. According to experts, the older boxes are much sturdy and strong which is great for refacing. As long as the cabinet boxes are still structurally in good shape, don’t hesitate to save them by letting them undergo refacing.

So, what are you waiting for? You can save your old cabinets by spending only half of the total amount that you would spend when you install custom cabinets.

Cabinet Refacing: An Eco-friendly Process

If you choose the process in resurfacing cabinets, it means that you will be able to save more trees used in constructing new cabinet boxes. In addition, it actually keeps cabinet boxes away from landfill and at the same time we will be able to avoid MDF, which contains hazardous chemical. All these benefits would greatly help us reduce carbon footprint.

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